• Cat only veterinary clinic Worthing
  • Exclusively membership only
  • Calm environment, free from disturbing noise and smells
  • Experienced friendly team with cat specialist skills
  • Optimised equipment for the treatment of cats

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Welcome to Cat's Whiskers - a friendly and caring cat only veterinary clinic in Worthing. We are an ISFM GOLD accredited cat friendly clinic!

Pet Plan Veterinary Awards UK Practice of the Year Finalist 2020!

Membership Plans

At Cat’s Whiskers, we believe in a proactive and preventative approach to cat health and we are pleased to offer a range of simple, affordable membership plans to cover the cost of your cat’s essential vet care.

Provide the best care for your cat throughout their life with regular health checks which ensure problems are diagnosed early and treatment is instigated when it is most likely to be successful.

Other benefits include complimentary services such as nail clips, weight checks and basic grooming.


About CW Vets

“My love of cats and first hand experience of the stress and trauma that a visit to a multi animal veterinary clinic can cause to cats was what compelled me to start up Cat’s Whiskers. Since then we have undertaken training and numerous courses to become specialised in the optimum treatment and handling of cats.

"Every member of our team is a self- confessed cat lover, passionate about providing the best experience for your pet at our clinic. There is no doubt that at Cat’s Whiskers, your cat will be in safe and caring hands”.

Dr Amanda Nicholls MRCVS 

Veterinary Services

Cat's Whiskers provides a range of veterinary services for cats that include both preventative care as well as treatments.

All of our staff are specially trained in the safest and calmest ways to handle cats undergoing veterinary treatment, to ensure that their experience at the vets is as stress free as possible. Our range of cat veterinary services include:

  • Vaccinations and Health Checks
  • Flea and Worm Control
  • Surgical and Medical Treatments
  • Feline Behaviour Consultations
  • Laser Therapy