Specialist Cat Care

About Us

How it all began

Over her years as a veterinary surgeon, Amanda developed a strong interest in feline medicine. Not only this, but she couldn’t ignore the amount of anxiety that a trip to vets was causing the cat population, and she felt she needed to create an experience that felt calm and safe for both cats and their owners. It was her cat care interest, combined with her passion for improving the experience that led to her setting up Cat’s Whiskers – a cat only veterinary clinic.

Why is a multi-animal veterinary clinic particularly stressful for cats?

The experience starts off stressful for all cats, because they are subjected to two of the things they hate most:

  • They are confined to a cat carrier which is terrifying for an animal that needs to feel in control
  • They travel to the clinic in a car, something they constantly avoid due to the fear of being run over

If they then arrive at a multi-animal clinic, the experience goes from bad to worse. The waiting room may be filled with other predators such as dogs, the smell of dogs will put them on edge in the examination room, and the smell of dogs on the vets themselves will also make them fearful.

When cats are fearful they shut down and will be less responsive to treatment. They will also remain stressed out for a number of days after their visit to the clinic.

Why is Cat’s Whiskers a better environment

With the predators and distressing smells removed, cats who attend Cat’s Whiskers:

  • Are more responsive to treatment
  • Receive specialist cat care from feline experts
  • Are treated with equipment specialised for the treatment of cats
  • Receive care and attentiveness from feline-loving staff

Our mission statement

To provide high-quality veterinary care for cats with personal support and advice for their guardians in calm, comfortable, modern and well-equipped surroundings.


  • To provide calm surroundings free from the noise and smell of other predators, such as dogs;
  • To provide longer appointment times to allow clients and cats to relax in a comfortable environment;
  • To provide exceptional veterinary care with equipment designed for cats