Lily Edwards ...

This is Lily who came to us last July from Paws Pet Sanctuary at Findon.

“All we first saw when we asked about her was a white tail as she was hiding behind a little chair in her pen. One of the helpers ushered her out and we fell in love with her straight away. She was so scared and shy when she first came to us that we didn’t see her unless we searched her out – for about 3 weeks. She just stayed behind the settee or hid under any furniture she could get behind or underneath. We only knew she was about because she ate everything we put down but came out at night to do it!! But she’s gradually learned to trust us and is running around the house and now out in the garden since the weather has been so fine. So much to explore she doesn’t know where to turn next!! She’s still nervous and doesn’t like being picked up but she comes to us for a stroke and a tickle and is learning to trust us more all the time. She’s certainly a lovely cat and we are so pleased to have her.

Pam and Pete Edwards