Lady Charlotte Sophia Lulu Trixabelle and her kittens ...

Lulu (courtesy of Freddie) had 3 beautiful Maine Coon kittens on Thursday 10th March. All kittens are doing well and getting very big!

“1st one born 9.15, 2nd one born 10.15 approx, 3rd on born 11 and that may be it not sure. I delivered the placenta on the first one no troubles, the second one she had only got part out and had taken baby off so she didnt want to deliver it I ended up having to push on her stomache gently and she rolled over and just let me do it. It was fine when it was out. Never seen such huge placentas in kittens they are so big. The third one looks like I will be helping her with that in a moment will leave her a while before I intervene.

Thank you for all your help will let you know if theres any more x”


Update (19 days old):

“Well, they have lovely temperaments. the two sandy ones like their tummies tickled and their cheeks. they are very big and their paws are massive. I have two really good homes for them so I am very happy.

Ours is going to be called TC after top cat, one of the others is going to be called Leo. Not sure about the other one. I think they will be wandering soon as one of them keeps throwing himself out of the door of the wardrobe when we go to bed, he knows that we will pick him up on the bed and tickle him. Clever sod.

Freddy has been going into the wardrobe and cleaning the kittens which is rather lovely.”