How handsome is Garfield? ...

What a truly handsome guy Garfield is. A few words from his owner

“Hi there!

Garfield certainly is a handsome pusskin, but doesn”t he know it! The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as Gods, and it seems that some of this has rubbed off on Garfield as he has the highest expectations of care and cuisine. You will certainly feel the full force of his disdain if the food offering doesn’t meet his exacting standards. He’s recently attracted the interest of a much younger female tabby. She follows him round, and rolls about provocatively for his amusement. We liken him to a ginger Hugh Hefner of the cat world. They are quite well suited as a couple though, sharing common interests of eating, sleeping and the chasing of small mammals. Like many cats, Garfield is a creature of habit. After breakfasting he likes to take a tour of the grounds and find a suitable spot for his morning stare. Depending on the weather he will then take his first nap of the day either outdoors or indoors by the French windows. It’s important he gets enough naps throughout the day or he doesn’t have enough energy for his main sleep. Should the staff be late home from their other jobs, he can be quite vocal in expressing his disapproval. We sometimes get the impression he only puts up with us because it’s so difficult to find good staff these days.