Vaccination Amnesty in July and August ...

RE-START VACCINATION COURSE for the price of a BOOSTER (includes FREE Health Check)

In recent years some cat owners have had concerns about the safety and necessity of vaccinating their cats. Many owners believe that if they have their kitten vaccinated, the immunity will protect them for a lifetime, or if their cat lives indoors they don’t need vaccines. Unfortunately this is not the case. After each vaccination, the immunity against disease reaches a peak and then declines, hence regular boosters are required to maintain immunity and protect your cat against serious, often fatal diseases.

At Cat’s Whiskers Veterinary Clinic we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to preventative healthcare for cats. We evaluate the risks and benefits of vaccination for each cat – taking age and lifestyle into consideration – to ensure that vaccines are not used unnecessarily , while ensuring vital protection for your cat. We have vaccines available for the ‘cat flu’, enteritis and feline leukemia viruses and will be happy to discuss your cat’s requirements with you.

During July and August we are running a Vaccination Amnesty supported by Merial. We are offering a primary vaccination course for cats whose boosters have lapsed for the price of a booster vaccine. This is also an ideal opportunity for your cat to to have a full health check – inclusive in the vaccination price.

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