Top tips for a long healthy life for our cats ...

At Cat’s Whiskers Veterinary Clinic, we believe preventative healthcare is the best way to keep your cat happy and healthy for a long life. Here are our top tips to help achieve this.

1: Vaccinations against serious and potentially life threatening disease are available for cats. Vaccination courses should be started at around 8 weeks old and will need to be repeated throughout your cat’s life to ensure optimum protection – we can will advise you on the necessary frequency of revaccination. Read more about vaccinations.

2: Good quality food – formulated for the lifestage and lifestyle of the cat (kitten, adult or senior) and fed in correct quantities. Cats need a mixture of wet and dry formulations with some fresh meat for treats.

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3: An annual MOT – your car gets one and many owners appreciate the benefit of regular health checks for their pets too. Regular vet checks are the best way of detecting problems early giving you the best chance of successfully treating the problem. An annual MOT with you vet will be the equivalent of a trip to the GP, dentist, optician, dietician and podiatrist in one consultation! Your pet’s weight will be checked and diet recommendations made, their mouth and teeth examined and you will be advised on home dental care, the eyes and ears are checked, the heart and lungs listened to, the abdominal organs palpated and the limbs and feet checked and nails clipped if necessary. Older pets are more likely to develop chronic medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease and liver disease and need additional checks – blood and urine tests and measuring blood pressure will detect these problems and allow early treatment. Read more about annual health checks.

4: Parasite prevention – Parasites can cause serious illness and suffering. Always use safe, easy to use, effective and affordable products from your vet. Treatment requirements depend on the lifestyle of your pet. All pets are at risk of getting fleas and need to be treated all year round to protect the pet from skin irritation and serious infections which are transmitted by fleas as well as preventing a flea infestation in your home. All pets are at risk of parasitic worms, some pets require monthly treatment with tablets or topical (spot on) products. An active hunting cat will require more frequent treatment than a house cat. Read more about parasite prevention.

5: Keeping them safe – cats are prey animals and must be kept safe from foxes and dogs. Cats can be kept safe from cars by enclosing your garden. Keep all medications safely locked away in the home and ensure pets do not have access to chemicals and cleaning products which can be toxic to pets. Never give medications designed for people to pets, even one dose of something harmless to people can be fatal if given to a pet.

6: Microchipping your cat – Microchips are small chips about the size of a grain of rice, which are quickly implanted under the skin by injection. When scanned, the chip is read as a 15 digit number which is unique to your pet. The number along with your contact details are registered on a national database which means if your cat wanders off and gets lost or injured, there is a really good chance of you being reunited with them. If your cat is injured and requires emergency treatment, a microchip will help to quickly identify you as the owner. Collars can be lost (or removed) and it is much harder to find, or prove ownership of, an unidentified cat. Read more about microchipping.

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