Mini Milton, a gorgeous and friendly little cat ...

Mini Milton, a gorgeous and friendly little cat

We had a visit from a lovely family today and their cat Mini (Minstrel) (she has beautiful white whiskers!)

“Hiya Kelly

I feel the need to make a comment following my first visit today for our family cat ‘Mini’.

A friend mentioned CWVET and we checked out your very informative website and thought we would come in and check you out, the result was us booking Mini in for a check up…..during the visit we and more importantly Mini felt that you really cared for us both, you provided us with an general information pack about CWVET and then provided us with illness specific information that has left us feeling we understand what Mini’s future is and what the risks are for her.

Anyone reading this may think that this is standard but trust me the service from smiling Kelly who opens doors and offers drinks (for free!) and then the amazing Amanda who answered all questions and those of our 7 year old Oliver with total patience is far from what you get from other Vet’s. We all know Vets are not free, however, the cost structure at CWVET’s is fair and when compared with others, very good – the biggest thing is its for cats only and the people working at CWVET clearly love cats as we do……

If you have any second thoughts feel free to ask to speak to me as I will tell you why you should move your cat to CWVET – it’s in your cats best interest!

I hope the above is of use….

Best Regards

Warren Milton