In Memory of George Griffiths c.1992 – Nov. 2010 ...

In Memory of George Griffiths c.1992 – Nov. 2010

George had a tough early life on the streets of Kuwait, from where he was rescued and subsequently brought back to England in 1999.

Always full of curiosity and mischief, Georgie Porgie charmed the pants off everyone he ever met (unless they were another tom cat, in which case he fought like a tiger). He was thought to be aged 19 when he recently moved to Ferring, where the wonderful team at Cat’s Whiskers gave him the gentle care and treatment he needed as he came to the end of his long and eventful life. Huge thank you, everyone, from George and his family.

“Dear Amanda, Kelly and Rosemary

Thank you for the lovely flowers, which have just arrived. They are beautiful and George would have had great fun fishing them out of the vase and ultimately knocking the whole lot over. Even more, thank you all for your kindness and sensitivity today, and for all the wonderful care you lavished on George over the past few weeks. You really are the best vet practice I have ever encountered!

See you next week,

Mary Ann (and Kissee, who licked my face all over when I got home today and didn’t bite me once).